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Optosensing is an academic spin-off whose aim is to produce and exploit distributed optical fiber systems.

It originates from the collaboration of researchers working in the domains of electronic, civil and environmental engineering, and of the Company, active in the domain of civil and industrial monitoring. The initiative’s main goal is to integrate the knowledge and expertise acquired with both advanced academic research and practical applications in the construction industry, in order to develop and produce innovative, reliable and non-expensive monitoring products. 
The main aim of Optosensing is to offer all services associated with monitoring activity, whose relevance in every sector of the construction industry and environmental protection is immense today: from the design and production of targeted sensors, to their installation in the field or to man-made works, from system management and maintaining, to measurement and readings elaboration and interpretation.
The attainment of the established goals is guaranteed by the expertise of the company’s associates whose experience and international consideration in the concerned domains are renowned.

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