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Perimetral Protection - FOSS Fence

Any attempt of intrusion through a perimeter fence, either by climbing, breaking through, cutting or lifting, induces deformations – or mechanical stresses in any case - on the fence itself.

By suitably anchoring an optical fiber to the perimeter structure, each of the stress is transferred to the fiber due to a variation of the properties of the optical signal propagating in it.

Therefore, a continuous monitoring of each fiber optics line allows to promptly identify any anomalous variation between the optical signal transmitted and received and, therefore, to instantly detect any attempt to breach the fence.

The result is a clear advantage in economic terms considering the huge reduction of supervisory staff thanks to the introduction of a distributed and smart monitoring system.

The availability of separate monitoring lines connected to each of the FOSS Fence systems (each with maximum coverage length of 200 m), the possibility of interposing repeaters and the different network topologies allow the monitoring of a wide perimeter.​

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