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Soils Monitoring

Optical fibers could be also adopted within early warning systems for the real-time soil monitoring.

Optosensing’s proposed monitoring system is typically composed by hybrid tech inclinometers - for displacement and deformations measures – coordinated by a Central Data Acquisition Unit.

Hybrid tech inclinometers are typically “serialized” - employing a single optical fiber sensing cable deployed inside a proper trench – in order to maximize the cost efficiency of the system (this way, just a single OSD-1 Measurement Unit is required to collect Optical Data coming from each hybrid tech inclinometer).

The linking optical cable between each of the hybrid tech inclinometers could be itself part of an hybrid tech inclinometer, disposed alongside the ground level.

This way, we offer a system including measures of displacements and deformations in a horizontal plane too.

This could be strategically important in the case of clayey soils and related increased susceptibility to movements and deformations.

HPSYSTEM.IT/Optosensing’s innovative system - combining the advantages of both nanotechnology and optical fiber technology - greatly increases performances on soils monitoring allowing continuous monitoring to reconstruct both the 3D deformation and temperature profiles of the soil on which it is installed on and the compression of the same – thus allowing to avoid the use of extensometers to measure subsidence of the soil.

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