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Wind Farm Monitoring

Continuous & real-time monitoring of the status of wind farms has a huge and strategic importance with respect to cost containment and environmental protection.

Due to large scale, high cost and extreme environments their health monitoring and maintenance are big and fundamental challenges.


Especially when a wind farm is located in difficult environments it is the target of multiple hazards such as:

  • natural phenomena (as earthquakes, ice, soil subsidence or landslides);

  • third-party accidental or intentional damages;

  • structural failure due to aging or lack of maintenance;

  • erosion and breaking due to sea action for offshore wind farms.

HPSYSTEM.IT and Optosensing are able to provide a complete continuous and real-time monitoring system of overall wind farm from preliminary wind and site assessment campaign to the permanent monitoring during the whole life time.

Combining both HPSYSTEM.IT and Optosensing’s technologies, we are able to offer a highly performing system able to predict failures providing a continuous monitoring of static and dynamic parameters.

In particular, an optical fiber deployed along the entire length of system (on blades and on the tower) allows to obtain accurate strain and temperature profiles of the system and the prevention and detection of damages and failure.

If at any time a turbine starts to degrade from a preestablished baseline the system can send an alert to the customer before there’s a failure.

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