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Distributed optical fiber sensing has in pipeline monitoring one of its natural field of application.

In fact, a distributed optical fiber sensing system, allowing to obtain an accurate strain and temperature profiles of the pipe on which it is installed, allows the prevention and the detection of intrusions and leakages interesting the pipe itself.

Such a system makes possible to perform a continuous survey of the operating conditions of the pipeline and to verify, point by point, the structural integrity since the time of installation and during the whole life-time, with the further advantages of being low invasiveness and immune to electromagnetic interferences and to chemical and atmospheric agents (rain, lightning, high temperature etc ...).

This way, structural problems interesting the monitored pipeline, can be identified at an early stage so that it can be planned timely maintenance intervention, resulting in the reduction of both the risks of intrusion and/or leakage and the associated costs.

Optosensing is able to install optical fiber sensors along the pipe with the highest precision and reliability on the market thanks to its innovative robotic system FORI (Fiber Optic Robotic Installator) that deploys 3 parallel optical fibers longitudinally along the pipe. 

This way, Optosensing offers the best PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Monitoring System) on the market today.

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